Import and Export

Import and Export
Import and export to all countries of the world
We provide the best import and export services for the account of others to meet the demands of many customers, and our contribution to the growth of the Egyptian and Arab market and due to the economic conditions that the country is going through, we offer this service at unparalleled prices and high efficiency, because it is done by experts in the field of import and export who are always keen To satisfy customers and provide them with the best service.
 Importing for the account of others at very special prices.
 Shipping with international express shipping companies at very special prices.
 Providing special facilities for those wishing to import from China, due to the large demand for this service.
We have a full team of experts and specialists in the field of import and export, which facilitates customer service in the best way.
Importing others in the name of our company by all legitimate legal methods according to supply contracts
Following up on the import letters from the departure of the boat until it reaches the Egyptian ports
Complete the process of receiving goods and customs clearance for them until they leave the customs offices and deliver the message to its owners without any interference with (customs - sales taxes - general taxes or any official authorities) as the entire letter is in the name of our company in return for an import commission.
This activity is supervised by a group of highly trained administrators for banking transactions and documents necessary for import, as well as another group for customs transactions and another group for tax transactions.
Comprehensive insurance services for goods against all risks with major international insurance companies at the best prices.
We have good relations with all airlines internally and externally, as well as shipping lines, which ensures the provision of distinguished service and lower cost