Freight Services

Air freight services
We provide fast and efficient air freight services through highly qualified and experienced air freight experts
The company deals with many airlines inside and outside Egypt, which allows the customer to receive his goods quickly, and the company quickly ships imported or exported goods through its agents around the world, and the customer can follow the shipment at any time, and the company is in constant contact with various airlines And air freight outlets all over the world and follow up the shipment moment by moment until it reaches the intended destination, which allows the company to complete and finish the shipment in the fastest time, and accurate follow-up of the shipment from the time it enters the airport until the place of arrival
What distinguishes this service from others
The company secures the means of storage, and makes sure that it is completely safe, which makes the shipment arrive as it is without damage.
 The company carries out freight insurance
The company provides door to door shipping service without customs
Customs clearance of shipments and documentation
The company provides free packing service for shipments with high efficiency
Offering shipping service from major online buying sites at very competitive rates
Ensure that the shipment arrives as soon as possible
Sea freight
The company has a large staff specialized in providing sea freight services with high efficiency and providing the best service to the customer as well as to the government sector, companies and institutions from and to Egypt and all over the world.
The company provides insurance services for shipments, secures storage facilities, provides ships suitable for the size of shipments of different sizes and quantities, and the company provides its best services in the field of sea freight through its partners around the world, and with its agents and experts in dealing with shipments in the port, which guarantees the customer speed In terms of performance and safe arrival of shipments, the company provides door-to-door transportation service for shipments at competitive prices.
The company provides import service for all types of sea shipments from different cities of the world at competitive prices and as quickly as possible, and we have a staff with a high level of experience who packaging and transporting shipments with the highest quality, and the customer can contact us at any time and agree with us to import the shipment from anywhere, The company will respond to it as soon as possible and inform the necessary procedures to complete and end the arrival of the shipment to its place.
Land shipping
We provide the best means of road transport at the lowest prices, which allows the company to meet the increasing demand from its customers, whether at the local or international level, and the company has a full fleet that works with high efficiency in Egypt and various Arab and African countries, and the company has all the transportation equipment and means necessary to complete the shipment of the shipment completely safely. Until you reach the customer.
The company also provides special facilities for owners of companies and projects, the private and government sectors as well as individuals, customs clearance quite easily, insurance of shipments and their door-to-door delivery as soon as possible and completely safely.